Become Our VOICE and Representative of Your Campus


Are you enthusiastic about networking with friends and campus organizations, both in-person and online?

Are you passionate about social media marketing? Do you follow the latest influencers? Are you an Instagram lover who wants to grow your network as an online and on campus influencer?

The AI Campus Ambassador Program is a digital marketing and branding technology program where students will gain experience in Influencer & Social Media Marketing while promoting the benefits of AI Speech-to-Text Technology Student Membership.

The Seaplace Group, LLC is looking for social media-obsessed undergraduate college students to be content creators, influencers, and social media marketers for the AI Campus Ambassador Program for the 2023 academic year. Through comprehensive training and guidance AI Campus Ambassadors become experts at identifying opportunities to showcase AI Technology and its exciting benefits as it relates to student academic betterment. AI Campus Ambassadors are AI Technology loyalists, influential on campus and online, and creative with an interest in content creation.   

This is a 100% recurring commission position that consists of you promoting Speech-to-Text Technology Student Memberships on your personal, public social media channels and at various student related activities and events. You have the autonomy and flexibility to successfully execute program deliverables on your own schedule throughout the 2023 academic year.



What is an AI Campus Ambassador

The AI Campus Ambassador is an essential part of The Seaplace Group marketing strategy and represents our AI technology and services on college campuses.

Our AI Campus Ambassadors have a strong interest in marketing and easily build and grow new relationships among their fellow student population.

As self-starters, AI Campus Ambassadors are tasked with co-developing and executing marketing plans to increase subscription sales for their campus.

AI Campus Ambassadors are proficient at leveraging personal social/digital channels to generate excitement for The Seaplace Group’s AI Technology brand.

AI Campus Ambassadors are highly self-motivated and able to balance work and academic duties with ease.



Perks of Being an AI Campus Ambassador

1. Lifetime recurring commission... Our subscription business model produces revenue on a recurring monthly/yearly basis which provides you with multiple paydays -- lifetime recurring commissions on both new sign-ups and renewals while the referred customer continues the original subscription plan.

2. Maximize your earning potential with the subscription business model ... Looking to grow your income, there is nothing better than the recurring subscription model.

3. Wealth of compelling branded creatives regularly updated... By enabling social sharing, you can easily add pre-written posts with graphics for you to post and share on all the major social networks. Now it is super easy for you to promote the right message to your target audience.

4. Commitment to your success... Affiliate links have a 120-day cookie life, which allows affiliates to earn a commission on purchases up to 120 days after someone clicks on their link.

5. Robust affiliate portal... A personal, real-time dashboard lets you track all your traffic, referrals, and payouts in real time.

6. Receive priority customer support... Dedicated Affiliate Manager, tutorials, and other support resources ensure you have the help you need.

7. Open to on-campus undergrad and graduate students around the world... Our Speech-to-Text converter offers over 100 languages and dialects.


AI Campus Ambassador Commission Model

Once you are approved as our authorized AI Campus Ambassador, you will be provided with a unique ambassador link and banners to post and distribute throughout your network. Your sales are then tracked via your unique ID, and you receive a monthly payout of 40% of the net approved sale for a particular month.

There is no limit to the amount you can earn by generating qualifying sales. Apply today to become an authorized AI Campus Ambassador our affiliate program and start earning today.


Qualities our AI Campus Ambassadors Share


1. They have an online presence: Like influencer marketing, our Ambassadors who already have a loyal audience. Word-of-mouth marketing is only successful when “word” reaches as many people as possible.

2. They have leadership skills: People like to be led. If given a chance, they’ll take the word of someone they trust over researching and evaluating options themselves. Our Ambassadors ooze confidence and attract those who wish to listen.

3. They gather insight: Our Ambassadors are constantly listening to and engaging with their audience. They gather feedback on experiences with our AI products, providing intelligence to optimize our marketing efforts.

4. They understand marketing: Our Ambassadors know how to attract attention and persuade prospects to take-action. Our Ambassadors know how important authenticity is, and this is consistent in the messaging and content they create.

5. They’re professional: Our Ambassadors represent our brand with the highest level of professionalism, both in how they work with us and how they represent us. They have a clear understanding of how we work and what our collective goals are.

6. They’re relationship-driven: Our Ambassadors value long-term relationships over one-off sales. And they want the same for our brand, too. Our Ambassadors are skilled at making connections on our behalf.


Responsibilities of an AI Campus Ambassador

  • Introduce peers to The Seaplace Group’s AI Speech-to-Text Technology brand in an authentic and meaningful way through on campus activations, word of mouth, and social postings .

  • Educate your peers on the benefits of having a Seaplace Student AI Technology subscription and the tools that it offers.

  • Utilize personal social media profiles to promote The Seaplace Group AI Products through your own voice while adhering to brand and program guidelines.

  • Identify credible, creative ways to integrate The Seaplace Group’s AI Speech-to-Text Technology and its products into student life on your campus.

  • Increase Seaplace Student AI Technology subscription sales on-campus and off-campus

  • Maintain proactive communication with The Seaplace Group by virtually attending status calls and participating in online group conversations.

  • Report on your activity by submitting weekly photos, recap videos, surveys, social media postings, etc.


Are You...


Currently enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student with a minimum of a 3.2 GPA

Presently Involved with Greek Organizations on campus

Engaged in the university community with student groups and events on campus

Available to work a minimum of 20 hours/month

Highly-motivated and able to work flexible part-time hours, including evenings and weekends, depending on business needs

Skillful with time management, personal organization, strategic planning, and implementation tasks

Detail-orientated and demonstrate the use of good judgment

Willing to create reports to demonstrate the completion of projects

Well-versed in social media platforms with established personal accounts


Duties of an AI Campus Ambassador


An AI Campus Ambassador is responsible for endorsing and promoting the company. To do so, the following duties MUST be performed by the Ambassador:

  • Spread awareness about our product/service within the campus and local community.

  • Organize events on the campus promoting the company. These events can be interactive by hosting questionnaires to clear any doubts that their fellow students might have about the company.

  • Provide product demonstrations. Ambassadors hold seminars and workshops to help students understand the true value of our AI Technology.

  • Develop campus-specific marketing and outreach programs/campaigns.

  • Collect valuable feedback from the university and the student body about the company.


Benefits of Being an AI Campus Ambassador

  • It is a great learning opportunity for students. It provides a glimpse of the corporate world to the students, and they learn about the working of organizations.

  • Students gain skills like team management, event organization, public speaking, social media, content writing and promotion, and various other technical skills.

  • Being a Campus Ambassador provides students with special access to events, conferences, etc. organized by the company.

  • Ambassadorship provides an opportunity to get connected with various like-minded students across various campuses.

  • You can include your AI Campus Ambassador work experience as part of your professional resume.

The benefits and recognition of being an AI Campus Ambassador are not limited to the above-mentioned list. There are a whole lot of other benefits of being an AI Campus Ambassador which you can unlock once you enroll in the program.


Frequently Ask Questions


Definitely... an AI Campus Ambassador is a 100% commission-based, part-time Independent Contractor role with The Seaplace Group, LLC that offers the opportunity to enhance your leadership and marketing skills by promoting the Group’s AI Technology brand.

It all begins with you submitting an online application for an AI Campus Ambassador Program.

Absolutely, an AI Campus Ambassador Certificate can boost your resume as it shows that you have some experience in working closely within a corporate structure.

The AI Campus Ambassador is considered a paid internship as you will be authorized to represent our company. This internship is remote position, as you will reside at your college location and not in a corporate office location.

With the growing importance given to extracurricular activities, it has become essential for students to become more active and get involved in co-curricular activities happening on their campuses and locate communities.

It has become significantly important to pursue internships and interact with companies to gain practical experience of the corporate culture.

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Help us learn about you and your interest in the AI Campus Ambassador Program:

  1. Your online presence: Like influencer marketing, our Ambassadors already have a loyal audience. Word-of-mouth marketing is only successful when “word” reaches as many people as possible.

  2. Your leadership skills: People like to be led. If given a chance, they’ll take the word of someone they trust over researching and evaluating options themselves. Our Ambassadors ooze confidence and attract those who wish to listen.

  3. Your feedback efforts: Our Ambassadors are constantly listening to and engaging with their audience. They gather feedback on experiences with our AI products, providing intelligence to optimize our marketing efforts.

  4. Your campus and local community networking: Our Ambassadors are BIG about campus as well as community involvement to increase their visibility. It’s their opportunity to meet new people and to learn more about where they live, go to school, and work. It makes them feel good about giving back to their neighbors.

  5. Why You: Tell us why you should be our AI Campus Ambassador for your college/university.